Law Country Date Topic Law Attachment
National Solid Waste Management Act Jamaica 2002
Access to Information Act Jamaica 2002 Access to Information
Norma de Calidad de Agua y Control de Descargas AG CC 01 República Dominicana 2001
Forest Regulations Jamaica 2001
Freedom of Information Act Belice 2000 Access to Information
Endangered Species (Protection, Conservation, and Regulation of Trade) Act Jamaica 2000
Endangered Species (Protection, Conservation and Regulation of Trade) (Conch, Strombus Gigas) Regulations Jamaica 2000
Public Defender (Interim) Act Jamaica 2000
Ley General sobre Medio Ambiente y Recursos Naturales República Dominicana 2000
The Wildlife Protection Act Jamaica 1999
Aquaculture, Inland and Marine Products and By- Products (Inspection, Licensing and Export) Jamaica 1999
Natural Resources Conservation (Coral Spring- Mountain Spring Protected Area) Order Jamaica 1998
Natural Resources Conservation (Palisadoes – Port Royal Protected Area) Order Jamaica 1998
Ley forestal Cuba 1998 Forests
Ley Forestal Cuba 1998 Forests
Noise Abatement Act Jamaica 1997
Ley del medio ambiente Cuba 1997
Ley del Medio Ambiente Cuba 1997
Environmental Protection Act Guyana 1996
Water Resources Act Jamaica 1996

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