Law Country Date Topic Law Attachment
Maritime Areas Act Jamaica 1996
Natural Resources Conservation (Permits and Licenses) Regulations Jamaica 1996
Ley de Minas Cuba 1994
Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management Act Jamaica 1993
Natural Resources (National Parks) Regulations Jamaica 1993
Natural Resources (Montego Bay Marine Park) Order Jamaica 1992
Natural Resources (Marine Parks) Regulations Jamaica 1992
The Natural Resources Conservation Authority Act Jamaica 1991
Rural Agricultural Development Act Jamaica 1990
Town and Country Planning Authority (Composition, Powers and Duties) Order Jamaica 1988
Pesticides Act Jamaica 1987
Jamaica National Heritage Trust Act Jamaica 1985
Public Health Act Jamaica 1985
Quarries Control Act Jamaica 1984
Ley de Protección del Medio Ambiente y del Uso Racional de Los Recursos Naturales Cuba 1981
Declaración del Gran Parque nacional Sierra Maestra como Zona Rural Protegida Cuba 1980 Protected areas
Town and Country Planning Authority (Control of Advertisements) Regulations Jamaica 1978
Bauxite and Alumina Industries (Special Provisions) Act Jamaica 1977
Fishing Industry Act Jamaica 1976
Housing Act Jamaica 1969

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