Law Country Date Topic Law Attachment
Air Navigation (Overseas Territories) (Environmental Standards) (Amendment) Order British Virgin Islands 2015 Shipping and transportation
Gaming Act 2014 Bahamas 2014 Livestock and animals, Wildlife
Air Navigation (Overseas Territories) (Environmental Standards) Order British Virgin Islands 2014 Shipping and transportation
Fisheries (Protected Species) Order British Virgin Islands 2014 Fisheries
National Conservation Law Cayman Islands 2013 General environmental law
Fishing Industry (Special Fishery Conservation Area) Regulations Jamaica 2012 Fisheries
Energy Savings Performance Contracts Act Puerto Rico 2012 Energy
Access To Information Bill Guyana 2011 Access to information
Development and Planning Law Cayman Islands 2011 Planning and development
Disaster Management Act British Virgin Islands 2011 Disasters
Fisheries (Fishing Priority, Areas and Protected Areas) Order British Virgin Islands 2011 Fisheries
Public Access to Information Act Bermuda 2010 Access to information
Forestry Act 2010 Bahamas 2010 Forests
Planning and Subdivision Act 2010 Bahamas 2010 Planning and development
Cayman Islands - The National Conservation Bill Cayman Islands 2009 General environmental law
Environmental Management Act Trinidad and Tobago 2009 General environmental law
Solid Waste Management Act Saint Kitts and Nevis 2009 Hazardous Waste
The National Minerals Policy (draft) Jamaica 2008 Mining and mineral resources
National Parks Regulations British Virgin Islands 2008 Protected areas
The Virgin Islands (Territorial Sea) Order British Virgin Islands 2007 Marine and coastal

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