Law Country Date Topic Law Attachment
National Parks and Protected Areas Regulations Dominica 2003 Protected areas
Environmental Tax Act Belize 2003 Other
Macal River Hydroelectric Development Act Belize 2003 Energy
Fisheries Regulations British Virgin Islands 2003 Fisheries
Technical Support Document for the Regulatory Impact Analysis for Air Quality Regulations Jamaica 2002 Air and atmosphere
The Natural Resources (Hazardous Waste) (Control of Transboundary Movement) Regulations Jamaica 2002 Hazardous waste
Air quality regulations Jamaica 2002 Agriculture
National Solid Waste Management Act Jamaica 2002 Hazardous Waste
Access to Information Act Jamaica 2002 Access to information
Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (Reorganization) Act Bermuda 2002 Agriculture, Fisheries
Merchant Shipping Act Bermuda 2002 Shipping and transportation
National Parks Regulations Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 2002 Protected areas
Utilities Regulation Act Barbados 2002 Other
Norma de Calidad de Agua y Control de Descargas AG CC 01 Dominican Republic 2001 Water and waterways
Forest Regulations Jamaica 2001 Forests
Wild Life Protection (Amendment of Third Schedule) Regulations Jamaica 2001 Animals (wild and domesticated)
Fisheries (Marine Reserve) Regulations Dominica 2001 Fisheries
Merchant Shipping Act British Virgin Islands 2001 Shipping and transportation
Freedom of Information Act Belize 2000 Access to information
Endangered Species (Protection, Conservation, and Regulation of Trade) Act Jamaica 2000 Endangered species

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