Law Country Date Topic Law Attachment
Factories Act Barbados 1984 Industry
Fisheries Act Saint Lucia 1984 Fisheries
Water and Sewerage Authority Act Saint Lucia 1984 Water and waterways, Sewage
Fisheries Act Saint Kitts and Nevis 1984 Fisheries
The Bahamas Agricultural and Industrial Corporation Act Bahamas 1982 Agriculture
Protection of Endangered Animals, Plants and Articles (Removal and Possession) Ordinance British Virgin Islands 1981 Endangered species
Housing Act Bermuda 1980 Planning and development
Water Authority Act Barbados 1980 Water and waterways
Fisheries Regulations Trinidad and Tobago 1980 Fisheries
Wildlife Protection Act Saint Lucia 1980 Animals (wild and domesticated)
Mining Ordinance British Virgin Islands 1980 Mining and mineral resources
Beach Protection Act Bermuda 1979 Marine and coastal
Pesticides and Toxic Chemicals Act Trinidad and Tobago 1979 Pesticides
Fisheries Ordinance British Virgin Islands 1979 Fisheries
Town and Country Planning Authority (Control of Advertisements) Regulations Jamaica 1978 Planning and development
Fisheries (Protected Species) Order Bermuda 1978 Fisheries
Animals (Diseases and importation) Act Barbados 1978 Animals (wild and domesticated)
Disasters Measures Act Trinidad and Tobago 1978 Disasters
Bauxite and Alumina Industries (Special Provisions) Act Jamaica 1977 Mining and mineral resources
Fisheries Resources (Jurisdiction and Conservation) Act Bahamas 1977 Fisheries

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